Oral-Motor Exercises for Speech Clarity

Sara's step-by-step task analysis approach insures success for clients of all ages and ability levels who evidence muscle-based speech clarity disorders. The exercises are appropriate for clients with the diagnosis of: Down syndrome, C.P., apraxia/dyspraxia, post-CVA, VPI, Autism, and Hearing Impairment, as well as those with less involved deficits (i.e., lisp and vocalic /r/). Her hands-on method is graphically captured in this exceptional book designed for interactive use between therapists, clients, and parents. Her revolutionary system gives clients a variety of challenges to hold their interest and make speech therapy fun. At the same time, these exercises serve to strengthen and improve Oral-Motor skills, which for many of our clients is the key to better speech clarity. Each exercise includes a hierarchy of steps, problem-solving suggestions and IEP goals (Hierarchy of Oral-Motor Exercises for Speech Clarity poster included). Sara Rosenfeld-Johnson's methods, which are being used by therapists in the United States as well as in South America, Canada and Europe, have improved the speech clarity of thousands of clients - even in cases where traditional therapy has failed. This book is a comprehensive guide that fills the gap between what we were taught in school and what we need to know in order to address the needs of our clients. When used in conjunction with The HOMEWORK Book, described below, you'll save hours of work.

Of note: The Complete Oral-Motor Exercise Program contains every therapy tool you'll need to complete all of the exercises in this book.