Type It : A Linguistically Oriented Typing Program

Joan Duffy

Type It is a linguistically-oriented typing manual. It aims to strengthen fine-motor coordination, muscle (finger) strength and tone, eye-hand coordination, visual discrimination and visual memory. The manual is constructed to reinforce the reading and spelling patterns of the phonetically regular words in our language as presented in the linguistic readers used by many classroom and special class teachers.

As a beginning course in touch system typing, Type It has been used successfully with a variety of students ranging in age from six to twenty-two. It has proved useful to the classroom teacher who must work with many children of varying abilities at the same time. After a student understands how he is to proceed, he can work at his own pace with little or no supervision. Parents have found Type It an excellent manual for teaching typing at home.

A Progress Chart, which enables the student to mark off each exercise after he has typed it satisfactorily, is included on the inside back cover of this manual. Because the exercises are brief, the student will progress through them quickly. Being able to see this rapid progress on the chart is always encouraging to the student.

The Type It manual has been set in large type which makes the letters easier to read. The style of the type is similar to the shapes of the manuscript letters which are currently taught in the classroom.