Using Drama with Children on the Autism Spectrum

A structured approach

Carmel Conn

Children and young people with autism love drama, yet it is seldom promoted as a method of intervention. This book makes the case for drama by providing a practical understanding of how it can be used to develop the capacity for social communication, social understanding, expression and play in a child with autism. It covers the spectrum of autistic conditions, from children who are at the early stage of engagement to higher-level group work focusing on the development of specific dramatic skills.

Each chapter contains clear structures for drama work with each outlining particular drama techniques to promote: physical expression of face, hands and body; relatedness and playfulness; verbal and nonverbal communication; pretence and the creation of imaginary worlds; putting oneself in the shoes of another and appreciating the different points of view; exploration and practice of social situations through role play and performance.

The book contains over 100 drama activities and guidance on how to deliver a drama programme.

Carmel Conn has a background in special education, therapeutic arts and infant observational studies. She is both a teacher and a therapist and has extensive experience of working with children with special needs in a variety of settings.

Approx 3l2pp, A4, wire-o-bound